I have been watching Elixir for almost 2 years now, and debating if it’s mature enough for me to invest in.

Obviously Erlang is super-mature, and Elixir is quite stable, but it’s a question of “is the community mature enough yet?”

Since I’m now writing this, I believe it is “ready”, and I’m beginning a journey to build out some services in Elixir to stand up next to existing node services (meteorjs) and slow move funcitonality over to to Elixir.

Chapter One: Proof of Concept, Mongo is supposed to be Simple.

I have been playing with Meteor 1.5 and it’s dynamic imports, which can be used to reduce the amount of javascript code sent to the browser.

This article is a deep dive into how to profile and optimize your client side code to make smarter use of the new dynamic imports…

Which will make meteor load faster for your users.

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